If love is so easy, why are relationships so hard?

Embark on a 6-week journey to ignite passion, connection, intimacy and fun.

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School of Love

 Together – and yet alone

How you slowly start losing each other

We’re all looking for that deep, authentic connection. For a partner that chooses us and continues to do so – for everything that we are and everything that we’re not. We want to be admired, cared for and loved. In the purest, highest form. Without games or agenda. But even if this is what your relationship looks like in the beginning, along the way, things change. It gets harder and harder to love freely. Without fear or reservations. Without pain or blame. Life gets in the way. There is pressure and grind, there are children or obligations. You talk less. You touch each other too little. And bit by bit, you drift apart. 

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “What went wrong in our relationship?”

The reason why relationships are hard is because they run so deep. You can feel it in your body; you’re slowly losing each other. But somehow, you’re stuck. And it just keeps getting worse. You either start avoiding each other or end up in the stupidest arguments – over and over. Pretty soon, it starts affecting your kids, your health and how you think about yourself. It makes you insecure and sad. And in most cases, you’re not only losing your loved one – you’re losing yourself too. You wind up feeling lonely and frustrated. Where does this end? The truth is, you are not alone!

Introducing the Love Quest

The Love Quest is a simple 7-step method to guide you through the process of transforming your relationship. Whether you’re fresh together, on the verge of a breakup, or still struggling with past relationship crisis, Love Quest will help you get that relationship in which you feel alive,  connected, and appreciated. A relationship that you and your partner can craft into a lifelong journey of intimacy and desire. This step-by-step method empowers you - with or without the cooperation and support of your partner - to reconnect with your partner. No matter how challenging the circumstances are surrounding your relationship. Dive deep in the Love Quest and you’ll experience profound levels of connection, intimacy and communication.

What You' Learn

  • Intimacy: how to (re-)ignite the fire in your sex life
  • Bank account: how to keep your "emotional bank account" full
  • Trust: how to build endless understanding and gain insight into each other's deepest motives
  • Communication: how to read each other's “subtitles” and understand what is not being said
  • EFT and Imago Therapy: how to apply the most important methods in relationship therapy
  • Past: how to become aware of your own patterns that are getting in the way
  • Conflicts: how arguing can connect the two of you on a deeper level
  • Connection: how to build and maintain a deep, authentic connection
  • Insights: gain insight into the "love secrets" of Emanuela and David

Sandra Bouwman

'The Love Quest has given me the tools to rediscover my husband'

I rediscovered my husband, rediscovered my love for him and got to know him in a completely different way. It also makes me want to re-examine intimacy. I now feel safe and appreciated enough to want to go into this together.

School of Love

Meet Your Trainer

Emanuela Deyanova is a highly sought-after relationship expert, couples counselor, author of the bestseller-book Oneindige liefde (‘Infinite love’) which has been translated in 4 languages already and founder of the School of Love. She is trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Image Therapy and is the expert on love and relationships at 365 Dagen Successful and has been guiding couples for years. Her mission is to create world peace, one couple at a time. Many long-term couples struggle to keep their love alive. But sadly, it’s often not a lack of love that leads to break-ups and separations – but a lack of knowledge on how to love. The good news? Love is a skill that anyone can learn.

Emanuela and her partner, David, struggled for years with the exact same questions: why isn't our relationship as good as it was in the beginning? Where does that knot in our stomachs come from? Where has our exciting sex life gone? Is it time to split up? For years, she was convinced that a love relationship shouldn’t require any effort. That it should just follow its natural course. Until she discovered the truth about love: love is not a mystery, it’s a skill. It’s a collection of emotions, habits, insights and techniques that everyone can learn. And she's sharing them now with you in the Love Quest.

The Love Quest is NOT your typical online course

Love Quest is a program like no other that brings you and your partner closer together. Rather than overwhelming you with hours of lessons all at once, what you'll be experiencing instead are short but impactful 5-10 minute sessions with Emanuela, every day, for 6 weeks— making it incredibly easy to fit into your daily schedule. But this is not a journey you'll be going on by yourself. You'll be going through this with ALL the other students on this quest. So as you progress, you can share your experiences and inspire one another as you craft an extraordinary relationship. Your questions will be answered directly by Emanuela.

Bonus when you join Today

Bonus #1: TWELVE Monthly live Q&A Sessions with Emanuela

These monthly live Q&A sessions are centered around each module of the Quest. Each month you'll have a chance to ask your personal questions live. These sessions will be included for the full year when you sign up today.

Bonus #2: You’re getting two Love Quests for the price of one

Because we truly want you to succeed on this journey – and ultimately, that does take two – we’re offering you a very special gift today: When you join the Love Quest now your partner can join too – 100% free of charge!

Bonus #3 The Wheel of Love Date Calendar

One of Emanuela's favourite tools. It ensures that things continue to flow at home and between the two of you, and that practical matters are properly arranged. It also bring more excitement, intimacy, and fun!

Bonus #4 Three Golden Rules for an Amazing Relationship e-book

In this ebook, that you receive as a gift from us, we share four golden rules with you. They are presented in the form of small practical examples. Each one ends with an exercise that we highly recommend doing. (And in case you were wondering: yes, we do these exercises ourselves too!)

€ 700,-
€ 397,-

Love Quest Special Deal

  • Embark on a 6-week deep dive into your relationship
  • Get 1 year limited access to insightful videos, worksheets, articles and exercises
  • Including powerful community of like-minded people
  • Bonus #1: Monthly live Q&A Sessions with Emanuela
  • Bonus #2: Get acces for your partner 100% free of charge
  • Bonus #3: Wheel of Love date calender
  • Bonus #4: Three Golden Rules for an Amazing Relationship e-book

This is a one-time amount. You get unlimited access for 1 year, also to the community and the monthly live Q&A.

Iris Maalsen

'It feels like the Love Quest

saved our relationship'

We are very grateful for the Love Quest program! It has already brought us so much within 3 weeks! We talk more, are more open to each other and laugh more.

Explore the Love Quest

Embark on a 6-week journey to ignite passion, connection, intimacy and fun

The Curriculum

Week 1 – Back to the honeymoon phase

Connection is the foundation of intimacy and love. Without it, we are not in a relationship at all. That’s why the first week is all about reconnecting with your partner.

You will learn:

- how to (re)connect and communicate your love to your partner

- the various ways in which we give and receive love and how your partner may understand and receive love in a different way than you do

- the importance of rituals and how they can deepen your connection

You will also start with a challenge to boost your connection that involves learning about the three pillars that sustain any love relationship.

Week 2 – Breaking patterns and restoring the connection

The second week is all about unraveling some of your subconscious patterns in relationships. We will dive into the cyclic nature of relationships and I will show you how we constantly move through 7 stages. 

You will learn:

- that there is no beginning and no end in relationships

- why pain, crisis and disconnection are opportunities to grow

- how to move through the “ceilings” and “walls” we hit in our relationships

- how to practice speaking your truth

- why vulnerability is essential for any relationship to thrive

- how to create a safe environment to be emotionally naked with each other

Week 3 – Discovering conflict as an opportunity for growth

During the third week we focus on communication on a very deep emotional level. It is time for healing. Through Image therapy and EFT you will get in touch with your deepest (unexpressed) emotions.

You will learn:

- how to turn a (near) break-up into a breakthrough

- how curiosity can help you move through a crisis

- how to cross the bridge to each other’s world and create a sacred space for sharing

- why certain things about your partner trigger you and vice versa

- which emotions you were not able to express in your childhood and why learning to express them safely is the key to your own healing and that of your relationship.

This week you’re given a beautiful and powerful correlating practice for you in store. 

Week 4 - Rekindling intimacy and reigniting the flame

The fourth week is all about intimacy and sex. We’re diving into sexuality, play, foreplay, the feminine and the masculine; you’ll become a true love alchemist this week.

You will learn:

- what intimacy is and how to create it

- why intimacy and sex are two different things, but intimacy can lead to sex

- what attraction is and how it works

- how attraction needs the opposite of what love needs

- how the feminine works in sexuality and how is this different from the masculine

- how “no desire to have sex” is actually an invitation to step out of the comfort zone and redefine sex over and over again

You will discover the break and the gaspedal in sex and intimacy and how to use them – the practices will be juicy.

Week 5  – Reclaiming your power and your life

This week is all about the most important relationship of all: the one you have with yourself. In long-term relationships we often either lose ourselves or are not connected to our needs enough. Knowing how to tap into your emotions and use them for guidance is the key again. 

You will learn:

- how to rediscover your own unique strengths and realise how special you are

- that you can only realise your needs through your feelings

- how to get more clear on those needs by tapping into your emotions

- that forgiveness is liberating and gives you and your partner the freedom to reconnect and heal

- how to forgive yourself and your partner

We’ll have some powerful forgiveness exercises for you this week that also help you understand the importance of gratitude on this journey. And as a bonus, you’ll get a powerful inner child meditation. Plus, we’ll create a plan to boost your emotional immune system. 

Week 6 – Creating your love sanctuary

What’s your ultimate vision for your relationship? During our last week together in this program, we’re building a plan for your extraordinary future together.

You will learn:

- how to create a vision for your relationship and turn that vision into an action plan

- how to become a better listener and how that will transform your relationship

- how to create a space to dream and share those dreams with each other

- how to apply the “positive flooding dialogue” (Image therapy) 

how to “seal the deal” and truly make a commitment to your relationship

These six weeks may have finished, but you’re just getting started now. You will be left with a specific year theme to work on for the upcoming 365 days and weekly exercises to boost the levels of connection, intimacy and fun in your relationship. 

Bonus of this last week: the masculine and feminine meditation which helps you deepen your connection with each other time after time.

What You Get When You Join the Program:

Become part of the powerful Love Quest Tribe

A big part of the Love Quest experience is your community. Nothing is more powerful than a tribe of like-minded people, uplifting each other on a shared journey of growth. Your community keeps you motivated. It holds you accountable and keeps you on track. Plus, it’s just a lot more fun to be in this together :) There’s one more reason why community is important when you’re learning...

A Stanford University researcher (*Eesley 2014) found that when online courses include an online community, students are five times more engaged, and 16 times more likely to finish the course.

Connecting with other students is a deeply enriching experience, and will accelerate your rate of self-evolution like never before. 

Insightful and spectacular exercises

Knowledge without action is useless. That’s why you will learn a number of proven methodologies that you can continue to apply long after the program has finished. Expect impactful exercise like the mirror conversation, the languages of love and “El Commandante” (that one is for the bedroom ;)). These practices are not always comfortable – but always educational. And above all: unforgettable.

Monthly live Q&A Sessions with Emanuela

Are you encountering any obstacles on your journey? Or are you looking for a different perspective on your situation to help you move forward? We got you covered:

The program is set up in such a way that you can always contact other participants with urgent questions. Just go to our online community and reach out to them directly. Still left with questions after that? Don’t worry. You can also ask Emanuela during the live Q&A sessions.

André & Esther

"Her whole being radiates love and connection"

To say yes to Emanuela's loving magical guidance is to say yes to entering a world beyond feeling, where it has no words. Being present together in that field was very healing. To be able to be special with each other, to be with the other and to feel the embrace and nurturing of Emanuela.
€ 700,-
€ 397,-

Love Quest Special Deal

    • Embark on a 6-week deep dive into your relationship
    • Get 1 year limited access to insightful videos, worksheets, articles and exercises
    • Including powerful community of like-minded people
    • Bonus #1: Monthly live Q&A Sessions with Emanuela
    • Bonus #2: Get acces for your partner 100% free of charge
    • Bonus #3: Wheel of Love date calender
    • Bonus #4: Three Golden Rules for an Amazing Relationship e-book

    This is a one-time amount. You get unlimited access for 1 year, also to the community and the monthly live Q&A.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this online program work?
You can follow the Love Quest in the user-friendly 365 Academy app. This app can be used on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Follow the program where and when it suits you: at home on the couch or when you are on the go. You can complete the program at your own pace. Do you have to give more thought to one of the questions, or do you suddenly have to leave? No problem. You can continue later. You will have 1 year access to the program.

How is this program structured?

The Love Quest consists of 42 practical sessions. With eye-opening videos with Emanuela, meditations, inspiring background information and practical exercises, you will learn more about yourself and your partner and how to improve your relationship. The program leaves you with a concrete action plan to implement immediately. We always ensure that you can quickly put each step into practice.

How long will it take before I can access the program?
You will receive all the information with your personal login details within one day.

How much time does this program take?
The program lasts 6 weeks. You get a new session every day. You can immediately apply most of the exercises.

Help, my partner does not want to participate!
Do not panic! The program is intended for people in a relationship. But you can follow the program without your partner.

I have a question about this online program
Do you have a question about this online program? Send an email to info@schooloflove.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

School of Love

Now that you've gotten this far, think about this:

What if just one insight in the entire Love Quest… immediately helps you reconnect with your partner?

What if only one technique in the whole Love Quest… teaches you how to communicate with each other without blame and hassle, simply because you understand each other better now?

What if just one exercise in the entire Love Quest… teaches you how to bring the passion back into your sex life?

What would those insights be worth to you... if you and your loved one could benefit from them for the rest of your lives? How much love, intimacy, connection, satisfaction and energy would this bring?

You have nothing to lose – and a love life to gain. Go for it!

Yes, I want connection, intimacy and fun