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Your sanctuary for healing, growth, and rediscovery of the infinite power of relationships.
Let’s get real for a moment. Love isn’t always the fairy tale we hoped for. Relationships can be a rollercoaster of emotions, and sometimes they leave us feeling lost, disconnected, or even wounded.

But guess what? You’re not alone. We’ve all been there. We’ve felt the pain of loneliness, the frustration of miscommunication, and the fear that love might slip away. My heart knows that feeling firsthand, that’s why I built the School of Love.

It’s not just a school, it’s a Sanctuary of Transformation, a place where you can rewrite your love story. Learn that love isn’t just a mystery but a skill you can master.

Are you ready to heal, grow, and thrive in your relationships? Welcome home. Your transformation begins now.

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  • TIPS & EXERCISES: Every Golden Rule comes with practical tips and powerful exercises, so you can discover that your love story is truly extraordinary.

  • CONFLICT PROOF: This eBook equips you with strategies to turn conflicts into lessons. You’ll find various couples’ behaviours explained trough real-life stories, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.
  • COMMUNICATE AGAIN: Ever feel like you’re speaking different languages? Find out how to bridge the communication gap, so you can finally hear what your hearts are saying.
‘Emanuela showed us how to talk, listen, and feel with each other again. Suddenly, everything becomes clear, and the pieces just fall into place. I’ve even had people say to me, ‘What happened you look different – good and radiant!’
Natasja Bredek

Hey there, I'm Emanuela,​

The heart and soul behind the School of Love.

For years, I believed that love should effortlessly guide our romantic relationships. However, I learned the hard way that, while love is beautiful, it often isn’t enough for a relationship to thrive.


This belief was tested in my own relationship as me and my partner encountered the same challenges that many long-term couples face:

• Why isn’t our relationship as effortless as it was in the beginning?
• Where has our exciting intimacy gone?
• Is it time to part ways?

The good news? Love is a skill that anyone can learn — and I will show you how from the empathetic “been there, done that” place.

As a bestselling author, international speaker, and couples therapist, I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of couples from diverse backgrounds. Armed with certifications in Integrative Psychotherapy, Imago, EFT, and Systemic therapy, I’m not just your typical couples counselor; I’m a relationship alchemist who turns conflicts into gold.

Are you ready to heal, grow, and thrive in your relationships? Welcome home. Your transformation begins now.

'Crisis is your biggest opportunity for a break-through not a break-up'​

Explore the Love Quest

Embark on a 6-week journey to ignite passion, connection, intimacy and fun

Have you ever felt like you’re drifting from the person you love most? The Love Quest is your bridge back to that trust and aliveness.

This 6-week online journey is your path to rediscovering the deep connection between you and your partner – as well as the one with yourself.

You will get profound insights into your relationship dynamics and all the necessary tools to reprogram your patterns, regardless of where you are now.

Your love story is about to become the epic romance you've always dreamed of. Are you ready to write the first chapter today?

‘It feels like the Love Quest saved our relationship. We are very grateful for the Love Quest program! It has already brought us so much within 3 weeks! We talk more, are more open to each other and laugh more.’
Iris en Peter

Discover 7 steps to 'Infinite Love'

About the book

Remember the thrill of your first date? That electrifying chemistry, the endless conversations, the feeling that nothing could ever come between you. But as time goes on, the challenges start creeping in, until you find yourselves in that first crisis. And then another one. Suddenly, the conversation is about breaking through or breaking up.

But don’t lose hope.

Yet, here’s a lining: relationships aren’t meant to be effortless, they’re meant to be mastered. You can fire up your romance and nurture your relationship that’s not just unbreakable but hot, alive & passionate. This book is your guide to transforming your love story, no matter how many bumps you’ve hit.

‘It is an incredibly practical and easy-to-read book, with many concrete tools on how to connect to each other again. It’s like relationship Therapy made easy and accessible. Emanuela: Thank you for helping so many people (including children) in this way. You rock!’


Marieke van Hoof

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